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** Happy Holidays **

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As we are close to starting a new year I feel the need to express my feelings of gratitude to the many people doing their part to help the TI community. It is No simple task bringing to light mind control technologies to a largely disbelieving public as one passerby mumbled to herself at a DC rally ” We have bigger things to worry about.” My jaw nearly dropped as I thought if you dealt with a quarter the torture we have to deal with daily you would be horrified and disgusted. Hence the dire need to think out of the box to convey the seriousness of these unforgivable acts against humanity.

China won a competition by creating a BCI[1] that enables thought typing directly to your phone. It typed faster than writing. Quite similar to how a lot of us probably have our thoughts stolen and played back to us in real time. Delusional, I don’t think so. So far sonic weapons have not been mentioned being used for the Hong Kong protests which are continuing through the holiday season as the last stand off in a mall protesters were seen wearing Santa Claus[2] hats. I certainly do believe they are being used and people probably don’t even know what they are being hit with. I did think we would’ve heard about the mass production of sonic handhelds being used by now but I’m sure it’s coming.

A company is also working on neural feedback loops to create unique and repeatable erotic sensations for remote sex or for people with disabilities. The neurodildo[3] is controllable strictly via mind control and they are using some of the same techniques that sociopath stalkers use. Except they are ahead of Gomes and use it for non-consensual rape and molestation.

Article after article I read about the technologies being used to help make our lives more livable, adventurous, manageable, enjoyable, efficient, convenient and saving lives which is wonderful. At the same time why people have difficulty believing that there are people who use the same or similar technologies albeit more advanced in some cases to injure, incapacitate, torture and kill people across the globe, because they can and are getting away with it just continues to baffle me.

I just thought I lived in a world or country where my freedom was a right not something I had to fight for by researching technologies, weapons , corruption, national secrecy and trying to figure out how to convince/ prove to law enforcement that I’m an ongoing victim/ survivor of around the clock physical, psychological, and sexual torture. I know I shouldn’t be complaining but I have to vent sometimes too. There I feel better already. Anyways I’ll continue to fight back even though it shouldn’t be my job to figure out and enforce the law. Did I mention to do your best to forget about our ridiculously difficult lives and enjoy the holidays, much love and enjoy your holiday.

!!.Stay Strong.!!


1.https://www.urdupoint.com/en/business/china-developed-interface-makes-thought-contr-794763.html [ link ]

2.https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/24/world/asia/hong-kong-protest-photos.amp.html [ link ]

3.https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/mind-controlled-neuro-teledildonics-revolutionise-21122956 [ link ]

Notice of Crimes against humanity


Remotely Vibrating, Pulsing, Burning, Manipulating Human Bodies
Without Full Continuously Verifiable Informed Consent is a Crime Against Humanity
& Criminal, Prosecutable Offense as Torture of a Human Being
By international law, every researcher/agent/student/contractor/employee accessing
anyone without their Full Informed Consent is a Human Trafficker.

Notice to One is Notice to All

Please be advised that by International Law, Article 7 of the Rome Statute, the Geneva
Conventions, and the Nuremberg Treaty,
• You are prohibited from remotely manipulating the bodies or brains of any
human being without their own vocal, witnessed, verifiable, public, open
informed consent in that moment and prior;
• You are becoming an accomplice to crime if you participate in such
manipulation on someone else’s directive, whoever it is, whether identified to
you as a researcher, an investigator, an officer or agent for any agency, military,
government, hospital, or your own boss, and for whatever reason;
• You are personally responsible even if you perform such actions of wireless,
remote manipulation under presumption, belief, or notification from anyone of
your subject having “impaired consent capacity,” or of your subject being a
“participant in a research project for her/his own good,” or “needing therapy”
which you are falsely told you are providing through such bodily manipulation;
• You can be publicly named, shamed, and prosecuted by the subject of your
• You can be held publicly accountable by human rights organizations, courts,
and councils for your own individual actions of harm to another.

The covert remote access and manipulation of a human being by means of a wireless, spectrum, sonic, neuro
device such as a cell phone app, bar code reader, RFID detector, infra-red emitter, microwave emitter, or scalar
wave emitter, whether sold to you as Surveillance or Medical Monitoring, used to pulse, vibrate, send electrical
vibrations, shocks, spasms, skin-burn, and other human bio-effects, is, quite explicitly, Torture, and a Crime
Against Humanity. Please use your common-sense: no-one wants their private parts or any other body parts
vibrated, pulsed, or burned by you—whatever misapprehension of “therapy,” “research,” or “benefit” you may
be laboring under. These are crimes, and you can indeed be held personally responsible. Therefore, please DO
unscrupulous traffickers, which may include Universities & agencies. (Note that every researcher/agent/
student/contractor/employee accessing anyone without their Informed Consent is a Human Trafficker.)

Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy & Neuro/Bio Weapons
Notice of Criminal Trespass
Notice of Theft of Intellectual Property
Notice of Impending Criminal Charges
Notice to One is Notice to All

28 August, 2017
“…(T)he prohibition of crimes against humanity, similar to the prohibition of genocide, has been considered a peremptory norm of international law, from which no derogation is permitted and which is applicable to all States.” –United Nations Office on Genocide
Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect
By this Notice, dated the 28th of August, 2017, let it be known, to all individuals, groups,
corporations, agencies, organizations, foundations, governments, militaries, and citizens
worldwide and in every Nation State, that:
1) According to Article 7 of the 1998 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which
established the International Criminal Court, and constitutes the primary treaty and “latest consensus
from the international community” on this matter, the full text of which may be found online at the
United Nations Genocide Prevention web site and elsewhere, and is enclosed herein:
A.) The following crimes which are being committed today by individual, group, and corporate
members and veterans of Militaries, Defense Departments, Defense/Security contractors, Air Force
and Army Bases, Justice Departments, Intelligence/Security agencies, Intelligence/Security
contractors, Law Enforcement departments, Fusion Center organizations, Bureaus of Investigation,
Citizen Watch and Neighborhood Watch groups, University “researchers,” and random citizens in
neighborhoods, communities, and places of employment recruited to assist in programs to covertly
target, surveil, stalk, “gang-stalk,” swarm, gaslight, vandalize, sabotage, and assault select civilians–

  1. With electromagnetic radiation, pulsed microwaves, wifi, radio frequency (RF) signals sent to
    non-consensual RF implants, sonic pulses, and ionizing radiation using sonic weapons,
    neuroweapons, portable Directed-Energy Weapons, cell phones, apps on cell phones, and other
    means of transmitting carcinogenic radiation;
  2. All in the guise of “surveillance programs,” “experimentation programs,” “neuroexperimentation programs,” “behavior modification programs,” “behavioral intervention
    programs,” “predictive policing programs,” “criminal justice programs,” “pre-crime programs,”
    “medical monitoring programs,” “public safety programs,” “social engineering programs,”
    “countering violent extremism” programs, and other means of hiding these deadly programs of
    sadistic and brutal assault under Secrecy, Classification for National Security, Biomedical and
    Behavioral Intervention, public safety, “legitimate” and “legal” military/Intelligence
    experimentation, and criminal justice covers;
  3. And conducted as State-sponsored “legal” domestic counter-terrorism/counterproliferation/counter-Intelligence/suppression/pacification activities on whole swathes of
    Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy and Neuro/Bio Weapons/2 of 4
    civilian populations in towns, cities, states, and regions, with full “knowledge of the attack” —
    are Internationally understood to be Crimes Against Humanity, and include:
  4. Enslavement—in this case, Electronic Enslavement, by virtue of Continuous Clandestine
    Tracking and Locating via Non-consensually implanted tracking Microchips, Bio-MEMs,
    Nanochips, or/and Brain Prints or Brain Bio-Resonance Frequencies,and GPS/GIS tracking
    satellites; Continuous “Electronic Surveillance” or Assault with Electromagnetic Radiation;
    Punitive Physical and Neural Assault with Electronic Weapons; Continuous Audio and
    Video Surveillance with planted bugs and recording and tracking devices in homes and
    vehicles (Article 7, (c));
  5. Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental
    rules of international law—in this case, Electronic Imprisonment, by virtue of severe
    encroachment and criminal trespass into homes and onto bodies and brains with the use of
    electromagnetic radiation/sonics, continually or periodically applied (Article 7, (e));
  6. Torture –in this case, Electronic Torture, by virtue of assault, remote bodily access and
    manipulation, regular sleep-deprivation, injection of synthetic dreams, images, voices,
    sensations, remote electro-shocking, remote electrical vibrations, remote neuro-takeover,
    biohacking and bio-robotizing, all induced with electromagnetic weapons, sonic weapons,
    neuroweapons, bio-communications devices such as implants and transponders, BCI
    systems (Brain Computer Interface), and other weapons facilitating covert or clandestine
    assault (Article 7, f)
  7. Rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, enforced sterilization, or any
    other form of sexual violence of comparable gravity—in this case, Electronic Rape,
    Electronic Sex Trafficking, Electronic Sexual Slavery, Electronic Sexual Violence, and
    Electronic Enforced Sterilization, by virtue of sexual assault and violence aimed at the
    private reproductory and urino-genital systems of women, young girls, men, and young
    boys, conducted remotely, at a distance, using radiation weapons, sonic weapons, and nonconsensually implanted microchips, neurostimulators, transponders, and Wireless Body Area
    Networks (Article 7, g).
  8. Persecution…on other grounds universally recognized as impermissible under International
    Law—in this case, 1) Electronic Persecution, by virtue of continuous assault & torture with
    electromagnetic weapons, remote bodily manipulation, remote brain and bodily control,
    remote EEG cloning and heterodyning (imposing others’ Brain Frequencies on one,
    permitting partial or full-body neuro-takeover), remote cerebral trauma, all induced with the
    weapons named above; 2) Psychological Persecution, by virtue of subjecting individuals to
    non-stop electromagnetic tracking and assault, non-stop physical stress creation, non-stop
    sensory stimulation, forced disruption of activities, non-stop sleep-deprivation, and non-stop
    COINTELPRO stalking, swarming, interrogation, vandalism, break-ins, gaslighting,
    employment sabotage, character ruination, social isolation, slander and defamation, public
    mockery and street theater (Article 7, h).
  9. Enforced Disappearance of Persons—in this case, Sabotage and Ruination of individuals’
    Business, Reputation, and Character Assassination, by virtue of dissemination of lies,
    slander, libelous and defamatory statements about individuals within their own
    neighborhoods, work and life communities, areas and cities of residence and employment,
    often rendering individuals homeless, jobless, blacklisted, and unemployable (Article 7, i).
    Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy and Neuro/Bio Weapons/3 of 4
  10. Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious
    injury to body or to mental or physical health—in this case, Remote Body and Brain Access,
    Manipulation, and Assault using the electronic weapons described above, and effecting
     Bio/Neuro-Hacking and the Theft of Personal Intellectual Property (one’s
    brainwaves—whether thought, emotion, sensation, memory, intention, cogitation,
    mentation, inner voice, or any other);
     Bio-Robotizing—which is essentially the neural takeover of a person’s brain and
    manipulating a person’s limbs, organs, joints, and entire body from outside;
     Continuous Psychological, Mental, and Internal Torture via Voice to Skull and
    Synthetic Telepathy running abusive monologues inside individuals’ brains, an
    intrinsic aspect of Trauma-Based Mind Control, and prelude to bio-robotizing;
     Continuous Psychological and Social Trauma caused by non-stop assault of
    individuals with Psy Ops-defined inputs related to the individual’s life, picked up
    by intensive surveillance, including neuro-surveillance;
     and the very act of Trauma-Based Mind Control, which is the effecting of remote
    control of people’s brains and bodily movements and behaviors by inflicting
    physical and psychological trauma on them (Article 7, k).
    To repeat, these acts of extreme remote brain and body access, assault, and manipulation are
    internationally understood, as per Article 7 of the 1998 Rome Statute of the ICC—and understood by us,
    the international US-Europe Joint Investigation Team seeking to investigate and prosecute those
    committing these crimes–to be Crimes Against Humanity.
    2) These crimes are currently being investigated, and all those committing these crimes are being
    monitored. All individuals, groups, and corporate members and veterans of Militaries, Defense
    Departments, Defense/Security contractors, Air Force and Army Bases, Justice Departments,
    Intelligence/Security agencies, Intelligence/Security contractors, Law Enforcement departments,
    Fusion Center organizations, Bureaus of Investigation, Citizen Watch and Neighborhood Watch
    groups, University “researchers,” and random citizens in neighborhoods, communities, and places of
    employment recruited to assist in the performance of these Crimes Against Humanity on the bodies of
    select individuals, presented deceptively by Nation State and military “authorities” of any kind as
    legitimate or lawful or legal targets of surveillance, monitoring, investigation, or experimentation are
    being monitored by name, place of residence, place of employment, occupation, and association (to
    determine connection with Military/Intelligence/Law Enforcement/Neighborhood Watch if any.)
    3) These crimes will be prosecuted in the International Criminal Court, in courts of Common Law, and in
    new, incorruptible People’s Courts and Tribunals to be focused on addressing Crimes Against Humanity.
    4) Every single person or entity participating in these crimes in the smallest way, whether by pointing a cell
    phone issuing a wifi signal at a human being identified to them as a legitimate target or “test subject,”
    using an app on a cell phone to direct deadly radiation on such an identified human being, via the Global
    Electronic Control Grid (using cell towers, satellites, drones, sensors, air, space, ground -based and
    mobile tracking, sensing, and transmitting platforms), or using a portable directed-energy weapon or
    antenna system or transducer handed to them by an “authority” organization such as a Defense
    contractor/military branch/Air Force Base/Intelligence agency/Security agency/Law Enforcement
    agency/Investigation agency/Neighborhood Watch group is being monitored, and will be documented by
    name and photographic record.
    5) Participants in these crimes (deceptively termed “legal”) are hereby informed they are participating in
    Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy and Neuro/Bio Weapons/4 of 4
    actuality in the crimes of Non-consensual Rape, Sex Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Enslavement,
    Imprisonment, Torture, Sexual Slavery, Persecution, Enforced Disappearance, Bio-Hacking, BioCommunications, Neuro-Hacking, Psychological Trauma, Physical Trauma/Assault, and Criminal
    Bodily Trespass—all of which are Crimes Against Humanity, as described above.
    6) Participants in these crimes are also hereby informed that Crimes Against Humanity they are recruited
    into performing, whether conducted and protected under cover of “National Security,” “in protection of
    the Homeland,” “legitimate military/criminal justice experimentation,” “research projects,” “sociobehavioral research,” “social engineering,” or “legitimate investigation,” are still, and primarily, Crimes
    Against Humanity, and will be prosecuted as such.
    7) Participants in these Crimes Against Humanity—whether salaried employee of an organization as
    described above or paid/unpaid community volunteer–can both anticipate criminal charges, continuous
    written and photographic documentation of their actions and words, and open publication at any time
    online and otherwise of their names, photographs, and places of residence and employment.
    SIGNED: The Members of the US-Europe Joint Investigation Team
    Dr. Katherine Horton, Ph.D, Particle Physics (Oxford); Former CERN Physicist, Publisher: Stop 007
    Karen Melton-Stewart, Retired NSA Intelligence Analyst
    Dr. Millicent Black, Doctorate: Christian Education and Social Justice
    Melanie Vritschan, Founder, ICATOR (International Coalition Against Electronic Torture and
    Robotization of Living Beings)
    Ramola D, Press Officer, Journalist, Author, Publisher: The Everyday Concerned Citizen
    POSTED: 30 August 2017
    Email: ramolad.jit@protonmail.com

Using fear to manipulate and eviscerate your memory banks…

As I am sure we have all heard the term trauma based mind control, I thought I might share a few of my experiences dealing with it first hand. I am still tortured daily with DEW and it’s effects change quite regularly usually corresponding to subliminal and conscious attacks respectively. These attacks have caused numerous reactions and responses in my body and mind. Heavy attacks against my throat, heart, eyes and head have resulted in a type of remote interrogation of which have lead to truth and fabrication combined whether driven by fear or insanity. I was told on many occasions by my perpetrators that it was of no relevance either way, they simply were doing this to me because they could. Intelligence Agencies and anyone who has the know how and financial means, such as neuro and biological researchers, regularly compromise human targets for their data remotely. I recently read an introduction requesting and encouraging the collection of clinical and normal population for data submissions to a neuroscience magazine, truly frightening. This can be all done without your knowledge what so ever, in my case they were sure to let me know that I am under 24 hr surveillance whether I am in the bathroom, on vacation, researching, relaxing, vacationing or having sexual relations. I may be interrogated with psychic driving or humiliated, it is entirely dependent on their moods which I have come to know well over the years. Generally speaking they try to continually fracture my mind or use general interest in my synthetic or organic thoughts to illicit emotional response or recollections of my past which is always used against me.

They will assault different areas of my body repeatedly and with varying power to force thought and or response. Responses can be spawned from the slightest memory and then used to attacked me or manipulated then used. Theses scenarios or loops are repeated endlessly and constantly changed seeking the same result. My attempts at disassociation from my stalkers has lead me down dark paths. I have been unable to find solace for what seems an eternity. There would be anywhere from days, weeks, to months of direct hits to my heart, sides and genitals or head combined with bi-directional synthetic telepathy and around the clock verbal assaults to induce psychosis. I believe that directed energy weapons being classified as non-lethal weapons is a joke. There description on numerous military websites states they are used to disrupt, injure, incapacitate and destroy the target. I feel enormously let down by my government and law enforcement as they have been no help thus far in stopping, preventing or convicting criminals that participate organized stalking and electronic harassment.

Continued aggressive attacks on major organs and vital senses are simply to initiate fear responses which may derive from your synthetic or legitimate past. During my what some might call initiation into being a targeted individual consisted of prolonged directed energy attacks on my jaw, neck and head. Aggressive subliminal attacks were used throughout the day causing paranoia, aggravation, depression and aggression. During this time my natural response was trying to figure out what I had done to deserve this, unfortunately my synthetic and organic past was recorded/ uploaded and regularly still used against me. It is quite surprising to be laying in bed trying to recall a password and having someone repeat back to you. Told subliminally bizarre things about people you are speaking too whom you barely know and try to distinguish reality from a flurry of deception in real time. Perhaps even more disturbing is when some describes what you are seeing, reading or maybe even blurring your vision to keep you from reading and even at times reading the same thing as you are while changing the words or psychic driving nonsense to confuse you mid sentence. All tactics used for mind control in someway shape or form. It’s a brave new world and mind slavery is here, you wouldn’t even know that the person next to you is being tortured or molested by electronic means.

This is all first hand from an individual that pays her taxes, continues to live a normal life while being interrogated, tortured, physically, sexually and psychologically all day, everyday whether at home or work. These horrific crimes of privacy invasion and complete disregard for human life need to be addressed as they are going on all over the world silently and invisibly.

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

  • George Orwell

– Open letter to Raytheon –

Please consider sending this email or your own. The link below the email contains 60+ Raytheon employee email addresses,


We are requesting your help on behalf of the Targeted NJ Activism Network and the countless other Americans being victimized by stalkers using microwave weapons against them.  Defending our human rights to live free from electronic assaults and cognitive liberty from weapons like yours or variations made from accessible equipment online. Being that Raytheon is one of the top manufacturer of these weapons it is your obligation to assist people in stopping or shielding against them.

It is our request that you inform us on affordable shielding techniques to at the very least, attenuate the bio, neuro-effects from radiation attacks. You must understand the severity of our situation as we are helpless to defend ourselves even in our own homes.  

Department Of Justice Survey:

448,557 Americans have been stalked by three or more persons.

205,446 Americans had Electronic Stalking.

About 50% of victims percieved the situation stayed the same after contacting the police.

1 in 7 moved as a result

We are sure the numbers are higher as the percentage of stalking victims don’t even report it for fear of psychiatric reprisal. We would be eternally grateful with your assistance in combating these injustices. I look forward to your reply.

Thank you for time,

Targeted NJ Activism Network

– Targeted DC Protest –

It was a great time in DC for the targeted justice protest. I was there for a few days and we protested and handed out flyers in front of the white house. I tried multiple times uploading pics to Instagram from the protest and they were subsequently removed every time. How this qualifies as hate speech or the likes, I don’t know. Censorship should be banned and this is blatant censorship. The many rights that slowly slip away to a dystopian society. Stand up and fight.!!

*** This fight is for our freedom and the generations we leave behind ***

It turned out to beautiful weather and the perfect time to spread awareness as the grounds were mobbed with people. We can only hope that they open their ears and join us before they or one of family members fall victim to around the clock surveillance with the most unimaginable physical and psychological torture with zero privacy. Maybe they are ti’s already and just completely unaware of their ongoing data breach.

After a long day of protesting we met at a bar in DC for drinks and discussion. I can’t think of a better ending to the day. The moment is Now, momentum is rolling and there is No looking back, we are saving our future. Get active.!!

Rebublic Broadcast from DC protest:


Till next time, Happy Activism.!!

– Targeted NJ Activism Network –

The Targeted NJ Activism Network has launched. It will be an essential part to our continued activism towards putting an end to the illegal organized stalking and electronic harassment which we face everyday.

We must unite and put an end to the destruction of our society as we knew it.

These horrific crimes of privacy invasion, murder, psychological torture, physical torture via attacks with electromagnetic weapons need to be brought to the public’s attention. If we do not choose to be part of the solution then we are part of the problem. We must do everything in our power to share our stories and participate anyway we can to demand change. If we don’t these non-consensual torture programs and criminals alike will continue to wreak havoc on citizens everywhere.

An eleven month public outreach and awareness campaign has started and will end on the front steps of the New Jersey State Capitol building next year. This will establish a larger network of activists that aren’t willing to just stand idly by and watch themselves, families members or friends deteriorate from anonymous criminals with no ethics or morals.

If you live in the NJ area and would like to advocate please contact me via the contact page. If you are unable to advocate but still like to take action through a contribution please use this link gofundme. You can also use this link directly to the network which may be done anonymously as well donate.



– Filing Complaints –

This is a great time to start writing affidavits and filing complaints. There’s no time like the present. Start that paper trail, I will be documenting mine along the way.

NJ elections for general assembly will be on Nov. 5, 2019. I will be sending an email stating my support and I will be informing them of the atrocities taking place in their district.

We need to insist that our complaints be taken seriously and warrant an investigation. These heinous crimes will not only persist, but will continue to grow and terrorize more people. Please write to them, only through activism will our voices be heard. It is recommended that you send an email and a written letter if possible.

Feedback is always welcome and I would like to hear about your progress as well. Power to the People.!!


Find your state legislature:

Google what legislative district is [ town ] and [ state ]?

Find your state representative:


Find your state senator:


NJ state senator:


Examples and templates:



*** Banning of unconstitutional government watchlists ***

Additionally you can send email and or by snail mail, preferably both. Link below is to a letter that Karen Stewart has sent to the District Judge Anthony J. Trenga. You may sign your name to it.

To read more or see letter ~> https://is.gd/everyday_stewart

– TI NJ Advocacy –

If you are interested in helping spread awareness in the NJ area please contact me as the more people we have, the stronger we stand. This awareness campaign will cover the better part of NJ and we can prepare for a protest in the states capital. There will be a new location every month until next years targeted individual day. It’s starting in October, get on the freedom train..

Put advocacy in the subject line and contact via contact page..)