– Open letter to Raytheon –

Please consider sending this email or your own. The link below the email contains 60+ Raytheon employee email addresses,


We are requesting your help on behalf of the Targeted NJ Activism Network and the countless other Americans being victimized by stalkers using microwave weapons against them.  Defending our human rights to live free from electronic assaults and cognitive liberty from weapons like yours or variations made from accessible equipment online. Being that Raytheon is one of the top manufacturer of these weapons it is your obligation to assist people in stopping or shielding against them.

It is our request that you inform us on affordable shielding techniques to at the very least, attenuate the bio, neuro-effects from radiation attacks. You must understand the severity of our situation as we are helpless to defend ourselves even in our own homes.  

Department Of Justice Survey:

448,557 Americans have been stalked by three or more persons.

205,446 Americans had Electronic Stalking.

About 50% of victims percieved the situation stayed the same after contacting the police.

1 in 7 moved as a result

We are sure the numbers are higher as the percentage of stalking victims don’t even report it for fear of psychiatric reprisal. We would be eternally grateful with your assistance in combating these injustices. I look forward to your reply.

Thank you for time,

Targeted NJ Activism Network

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