** Fact is stranger than Fiction **

My civil rights have not existed since 2017. I am a targeted individual and finally have a voice. My continued research and day to day life will be updated here as well my quest to seek truth and spread awareness of the atrocities taking place against me and to people all over the world. I’m based in New Jersey and committed to advocate where ever I can.

These technologies and weapons torture, maim and kill countless individuals and the perpetrators are not being held accountable. From criminals, criminal organizations and the government, we are all at risk of being a victim. While these crimes continue unchecked, no one is safe and they will continue to get worse affecting more people every day. There are billions of dollars going into the continued research and development of these weapons and they have advanced significantly since the 60’s and 70’s. Our lives and future depends on the banning or at the very least regulation and criminalization of these technologies and weapons.

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