– Open letter to Raytheon –

Please consider sending this email or your own. The link below the email contains 60+ Raytheon employee email addresses,


We are requesting your help on behalf of the Targeted NJ Activism Network and the countless other Americans being victimized by stalkers using microwave weapons against them.  Defending our human rights to live free from electronic assaults and cognitive liberty from weapons like yours or variations made from accessible equipment online. Being that Raytheon is one of the top manufacturer of these weapons it is your obligation to assist people in stopping or shielding against them.

It is our request that you inform us on affordable shielding techniques to at the very least, attenuate the bio, neuro-effects from radiation attacks. You must understand the severity of our situation as we are helpless to defend ourselves even in our own homes.  

Department Of Justice Survey:

448,557 Americans have been stalked by three or more persons.

205,446 Americans had Electronic Stalking.

About 50% of victims percieved the situation stayed the same after contacting the police.

1 in 7 moved as a result

We are sure the numbers are higher as the percentage of stalking victims don’t even report it for fear of psychiatric reprisal. We would be eternally grateful with your assistance in combating these injustices. I look forward to your reply.

Thank you for time,

Targeted NJ Activism Network

– Targeted DC Protest –

It was a great time in DC for the targeted justice protest. I was there for a few days and we protested and handed out flyers in front of the white house. I tried multiple times uploading pics to Instagram from the protest and they were subsequently removed every time. How this qualifies as hate speech or the likes, I don’t know. Censorship should be banned and this is blatant censorship. The many rights that slowly slip away to a dystopian society. Stand up and fight.!!

*** This fight is for our freedom and the generations we leave behind ***

It turned out to beautiful weather and the perfect time to spread awareness as the grounds were mobbed with people. We can only hope that they open their ears and join us before they or one of family members fall victim to around the clock surveillance with the most unimaginable physical and psychological torture with zero privacy. Maybe they are ti’s already and just completely unaware of their ongoing data breach.

After a long day of protesting we met at a bar in DC for drinks and discussion. I can’t think of a better ending to the day. The moment is Now, momentum is rolling and there is No looking back, we are saving our future. Get active.!!

Rebublic Broadcast from DC protest:


Till next time, Happy Activism.!!

– Targeted NJ Activism Network –

The Targeted NJ Activism Network has launched. It will be an essential part to our continued activism towards putting an end to the illegal organized stalking and electronic harassment which we face everyday.

We must unite and put an end to the destruction of our society as we knew it.

These horrific crimes of privacy invasion, murder, psychological torture, physical torture via attacks with electromagnetic weapons need to be brought to the public’s attention. If we do not choose to be part of the solution then we are part of the problem. We must do everything in our power to share our stories and participate anyway we can to demand change. If we don’t these non-consensual torture programs and criminals alike will continue to wreak havoc on citizens everywhere.

An eleven month public outreach and awareness campaign has started and will end on the front steps of the New Jersey State Capitol building next year. This will establish a larger network of activists that aren’t willing to just stand idly by and watch themselves, families members or friends deteriorate from anonymous criminals with no ethics or morals.

If you live in the NJ area and would like to advocate please contact me via the contact page. If you are unable to advocate but still like to take action through a contribution please use this link gofundme. You can also use this link directly to the network which may be done anonymously as well donate.