Using fear to manipulate and eviscerate your memory banks…

As I am sure we have all heard the term trauma based mind control, I thought I might share a few of my experiences dealing with it first hand. I am still tortured daily with DEW and it’s effects change quite regularly usually corresponding to subliminal and conscious attacks respectively. These attacks have caused numerous reactions and responses in my body and mind. Heavy attacks against my throat, heart, eyes and head have resulted in a type of remote interrogation of which have lead to truth and fabrication combined whether driven by fear or insanity. I was told on many occasions by my perpetrators that it was of no relevance either way, they simply were doing this to me because they could. Intelligence Agencies and anyone who has the know how and financial means, such as neuro and biological researchers, regularly compromise human targets for their data remotely. I recently read an introduction requesting and encouraging the collection of clinical and normal population for data submissions to a neuroscience magazine, truly frightening. This can be all done without your knowledge what so ever, in my case they were sure to let me know that I am under 24 hr surveillance whether I am in the bathroom, on vacation, researching, relaxing, vacationing or having sexual relations. I may be interrogated with psychic driving or humiliated, it is entirely dependent on their moods which I have come to know well over the years. Generally speaking they try to continually fracture my mind or use general interest in my synthetic or organic thoughts to illicit emotional response or recollections of my past which is always used against me.

They will assault different areas of my body repeatedly and with varying power to force thought and or response. Responses can be spawned from the slightest memory and then used to attacked me or manipulated then used. Theses scenarios or loops are repeated endlessly and constantly changed seeking the same result. My attempts at disassociation from my stalkers has lead me down dark paths. I have been unable to find solace for what seems an eternity. There would be anywhere from days, weeks, to months of direct hits to my heart, sides and genitals or head combined with bi-directional synthetic telepathy and around the clock verbal assaults to induce psychosis. I believe that directed energy weapons being classified as non-lethal weapons is a joke. There description on numerous military websites states they are used to disrupt, injure, incapacitate and destroy the target. I feel enormously let down by my government and law enforcement as they have been no help thus far in stopping, preventing or convicting criminals that participate organized stalking and electronic harassment.

Continued aggressive attacks on major organs and vital senses are simply to initiate fear responses which may derive from your synthetic or legitimate past. During my what some might call initiation into being a targeted individual consisted of prolonged directed energy attacks on my jaw, neck and head. Aggressive subliminal attacks were used throughout the day causing paranoia, aggravation, depression and aggression. During this time my natural response was trying to figure out what I had done to deserve this, unfortunately my synthetic and organic past was recorded/ uploaded and regularly still used against me. It is quite surprising to be laying in bed trying to recall a password and having someone repeat back to you. Told subliminally bizarre things about people you are speaking too whom you barely know and try to distinguish reality from a flurry of deception in real time. Perhaps even more disturbing is when some describes what you are seeing, reading or maybe even blurring your vision to keep you from reading and even at times reading the same thing as you are while changing the words or psychic driving nonsense to confuse you mid sentence. All tactics used for mind control in someway shape or form. It’s a brave new world and mind slavery is here, you wouldn’t even know that the person next to you is being tortured or molested by electronic means.

This is all first hand from an individual that pays her taxes, continues to live a normal life while being interrogated, tortured, physically, sexually and psychologically all day, everyday whether at home or work. These horrific crimes of privacy invasion and complete disregard for human life need to be addressed as they are going on all over the world silently and invisibly.

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

  • George Orwell