– Filing Complaints –

This is a great time to start writing affidavits and filing complaints. There’s no time like the present. Start that paper trail, I will be documenting mine along the way.

NJ elections for general assembly will be on Nov. 5, 2019. I will be sending an email stating my support and I will be informing them of the atrocities taking place in their district.

We need to insist that our complaints be taken seriously and warrant an investigation. These heinous crimes will not only persist, but will continue to grow and terrorize more people. Please write to them, only through activism will our voices be heard. It is recommended that you send an email and a written letter if possible.

Feedback is always welcome and I would like to hear about your progress as well. Power to the People.!!


Find your state legislature:

Google what legislative district is [ town ] and [ state ]?

Find your state representative:


Find your state senator:


NJ state senator:


Examples and templates:



*** Banning of unconstitutional government watchlists ***

Additionally you can send email and or by snail mail, preferably both. Link below is to a letter that Karen Stewart has sent to the District Judge Anthony J. Trenga. You may sign your name to it.

To read more or see letter ~> https://is.gd/everyday_stewart