– Happy Holidays –

** Happy Holidays **

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As we are close to starting a new year I feel the need to express my feelings of gratitude to the many people doing their part to help the TI community. It is No simple task bringing to light mind control technologies to a largely disbelieving public as one passerby mumbled to herself at a DC rally ” We have bigger things to worry about.” My jaw nearly dropped as I thought if you dealt with a quarter the torture we have to deal with daily you would be horrified and disgusted. Hence the dire need to think out of the box to convey the seriousness of these unforgivable acts against humanity.

China won a competition by creating a BCI[1] that enables thought typing directly to your phone. It typed faster than writing. Quite similar to how a lot of us probably have our thoughts stolen and played back to us in real time. Delusional, I don’t think so. So far sonic weapons have not been mentioned being used for the Hong Kong protests which are continuing through the holiday season as the last stand off in a mall protesters were seen wearing Santa Claus[2] hats. I certainly do believe they are being used and people probably don’t even know what they are being hit with. I did think we would’ve heard about the mass production of sonic handhelds being used by now but I’m sure it’s coming.

A company is also working on neural feedback loops to create unique and repeatable erotic sensations for remote sex or for people with disabilities. The neurodildo[3] is controllable strictly via mind control and they are using some of the same techniques that sociopath stalkers use. Except they are ahead of Gomes and use it for non-consensual rape and molestation.

Article after article I read about the technologies being used to help make our lives more livable, adventurous, manageable, enjoyable, efficient, convenient and saving lives which is wonderful. At the same time why people have difficulty believing that there are people who use the same or similar technologies albeit more advanced in some cases to injure, incapacitate, torture and kill people across the globe, because they can and are getting away with it just continues to baffle me.

I just thought I lived in a world or country where my freedom was a right not something I had to fight for by researching technologies, weapons , corruption, national secrecy and trying to figure out how to convince/ prove to law enforcement that I’m an ongoing victim/ survivor of around the clock physical, psychological, and sexual torture. I know I shouldn’t be complaining but I have to vent sometimes too. There I feel better already. Anyways I’ll continue to fight back even though it shouldn’t be my job to figure out and enforce the law. Did I mention to do your best to forget about our ridiculously difficult lives and enjoy the holidays, much love and enjoy your holiday.

!!.Stay Strong.!!


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– Targeted DC Protest –

It was a great time in DC for the targeted justice protest. I was there for a few days and we protested and handed out flyers in front of the white house. I tried multiple times uploading pics to Instagram from the protest and they were subsequently removed every time. How this qualifies as hate speech or the likes, I don’t know. Censorship should be banned and this is blatant censorship. The many rights that slowly slip away to a dystopian society. Stand up and fight.!!

*** This fight is for our freedom and the generations we leave behind ***

It turned out to beautiful weather and the perfect time to spread awareness as the grounds were mobbed with people. We can only hope that they open their ears and join us before they or one of family members fall victim to around the clock surveillance with the most unimaginable physical and psychological torture with zero privacy. Maybe they are ti’s already and just completely unaware of their ongoing data breach.

After a long day of protesting we met at a bar in DC for drinks and discussion. I can’t think of a better ending to the day. The moment is Now, momentum is rolling and there is No looking back, we are saving our future. Get active.!!

Rebublic Broadcast from DC protest:


Till next time, Happy Activism.!!